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Let's face it. Saving money comes easy to a select few while for most it's neither fun nor easy. Meet Hive Up, a conceptual financial tool in your pocket to help you save for all the things in life - big & small.


A young woman learns to save money using an online money savings tool



This tool is for people who want to save money, quickly, for a particular reason. For example, a wedding, big trip, or new car. The users are not new to technology but do not like working with their finances. So, they require that the information they receive via the tool is accessible, and clearly tells them what they can do to better save.

Hive Up is a money saving tool you can access on mobile phones
Hive Up is a money savings tool you can access online


A responsive website allowing all data on income and expenses to be recorded easily, on the go, and from a variety of devices. The tool displays data on the user’s finances (how much money they spend and on what), and tells them what they can do to cut costs and save money in a certain amount of time.


Users will utilize the tool in the period before a planned expense. During this period, they will input data when spending and receiving money so they can view accurate information on their finances and dynamic information on what they can do to save more money.

You can tell Hive Up exactly how much to save  and when

The tool can be used from anywhere and using any device to ensure income and outgoings are easily recorded.

You can save money anywhere with Hive Up

Saving money can be really hard, especially when you don’t have a long time to do so. By providing personalized information on how a user can save based on their actual finances, the tool itself can provide financial advice during these finite periods of saving.

the process: USER STORIES

"As a user, I want to see a dashboard of my finances clearly and visually, so that I can see how much I am spending on what at a glance."

"As a user, I need to be able to tell the tool what my savings goal is and how long I have to reach it, so that I can save accordingly."

"As a user, I want the money-saving tool I use to be motivational, so that I stay on track with my goals"

single user flow

A single user flow demonstrating steps to add a new hive


hi-fi wireframes: desktop


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